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New Release! Dark Spiral Down by Michael Houtz @MichaelHoutz @wildrosepress #newrelease #wildrosepress

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Author: Michael Houtz
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 377
Genre: Thriller/International/Action

COLE HAUFNER is a reluctant superstar in the professional mixed martial arts world. After his latest fight, his wife and child perish in a car crash. His grief deepens when his brother, BUTCH, a Delta Force operator, is absent from the funeral and reported missing by two furtive strangers who show up unannounced at the burial. Despairing, and acting on a tip, Cole travels to his childhood home in southeast China, looking for his brother.
Butch and his teammate, HAMMER, are the sole American survivors of a gun battle between their unit and North Korean commandos, both sides fighting over possession of a stolen suitcase containing a miniaturized fusion device that could either provide unlimited clean energy or be converted to an undetectable bomb seven times more powerful than a nuclear explosion. Leading the North Koreans is the sociopath, Commander PARK. Pressed into helping the Koreans is a disgraced former CIA operative, BARRETT JENNINGS.
Cole meets with the uncle who raised him, MASTER LI, and is warned to stop his search for Butch. Barrett discovers Cole’s identity (with the help of a genius computer hacker, LILLY), which opens a twenty-year-old wound when Barrett was blamed for the disappearance of Cole’s father, along with the man’s invention. Barrett enlists the 14K organized crime syndicate to help capture Cole. Hammer, separated from Butch during the fight for the device, thwarts the gang’s attempt to kidnap Cole, and the two then set off to find Butch and the device. All parties converge on the city library where Butch, now disguised as a monk, is attempting to communicate with the Pentagon. Barrett and Park capture Butch, while the 14K gang nabs Cole.
Danger mounts as Chinese authorities begin investigating foul play within their borders. Cole fights his way free of the gang and reunites with Hammer.  Both men find Barrett’s apartment and discover Lilly (the man’s stepdaughter), who divulges Barrett’s identity and plan. Cole clashes with Hammer, who is willing to sacrifice Butch in order to recover the fusion device. Lilly offers her help in exchange for her and Barrett’s rescue from Park’s grip. Meanwhile, Barrett discovers the true nature of the case the North Koreans are pursuing and, sensing he and Lilly are to be assassinated by Park once he has the device, frees Butch. Butch, trusting Barrett was sent to rescue him, leads the turncoat to the site where he hid the device. Barrett, hoping to make a quick fortune selling it, shoots Butch before escaping with the case.
Cole, along with Hammer and Lilly, arrives at the location of Butch and finds him gravely wounded. Butch fingers Barrett for shooting him and for stealing the case. Cole wants only to save his brother but Butch makes him promise to kill Barrett and recover their dad’s invention. The revelation that the device is his father’s scientific discovery propels Cole forward to fulfill his brother’s mission. Cole is forced to abandon Butch at a hospital. Cole pursues Barrett to a remote dock where the ex-CIA man is planning to escape China by boat. With the Chinese military now actively looking for Cole, Cole confronts Barrett and Park sparking a gunfight. Barrett kills Park. As Barrett turns the gun on Cole, Hammer kills Barrett. Cole, Hammer and Lilly escape via the boat, and the fusion device is safely returned.


“If you’re in the market for a fast paced, action filled, page-turning thriller, Mike Houtz delivers a must-read novel. I highly recommend this emotional rollercoaster of a book for every die-hard thriller reader…Get it ASAP!”
~Lima Charlie Review
“…this work proves that author Houtz is undoubtedly a rising star in the publishing world.”
~Andrea Brunais, Author
“Mike Houtz takes us on fast-pace adventure in Dark Spiral Down, a thrilling ride along the border between China and North Korea, where Cole Haufner is in pursuit of his Delta Force brother and a device that has the potential to change the world forever or destroy it.”
~Dan Grant, Author
Dark Spiral Down is a phenomenal debut novel by Mike Houtz. This book has everything readers of the genre love: a great plot, memorable characters, and a powerful voice. It’s a must-read!”
~Ammar Habib, Bestselling & Award-Winning Author, Editor-in-Chief of Thriller Magazine



Anger born of helplessness rose in his chest. In contrast to Master Li’s placating tone, Cole straightened to his full height and stared into the man’s face. “Let me guess, more 14K cowards?”
Another man stepped forward and cocked his pistol’s hammer. “I show you coward.”
As at the Crowne Plaza earlier, Cole refused to back off, even in the face of impending conflict. “The coward is the man who needs a gun.”
The other with the shotgun pointing at Cole’s chest stood only some seven or eight feet away. “You will come with us now!”
“Please. Violence is forbidden here,” Master Li spoke again. “The Temple is sacred. We cannot have this type of behavior.”
“Maybe you don’t hear so good,” the leader sneered. “He comes with us whether you approve or not.”
“He is a famous American! If you take him, the government will arrest anyone involved. They will have no choice but to hold immediate trials and executions.” Master Li cupped his hands together and held them against his chest.
“Famous American,” the man chuckled. “If you are so famous, what are you doing here then, huh?”
Cole stared straight into the man’s eyes. He took several steps toward the shotgun-wielding thug. “How about I show you?”


After a career in medicine, Mike Houtz succumbed to the call to hang up his stethoscope and pursue his other passion as a writer of fast-paced thrillers. A rabid fan of authors such as Clancy, Mark Greaney, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor, Mike loves series writing with strong characters, fast pacing and international locations, all of which explode into action in his debut novel, a 2017 Zebulon Award winner. When not at the keyboard, he can be found on the firing range, traveling for research across the globe, or trying out the latest dry-fly pattern on a Gold Medal trout stream.
He lives at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

His latest book is the thriller/international/action novel, Dark Spiral Down.


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Talking Books with Jerry Ford, Author of 'Guns, Drugs, or Wealth' @RealJerryFord #Interviews

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 We're happy to have Jerry Ford with us today! Jerry is the author of Guns, Drugs, or Wealth. More about him and his new book below!

Jerry Ford is a Detroit native who grew up in the ghetto. He has been involved in and witnessed everything from gun violence to drug trafficking and addiction, jail, gang life, and murder. At age fourteen, Jerry’s brother, Sam, was murdered on their mother’s birthday. At age seventeen, Jerry’s best friend, Steven, was also murdered. The list goes on. One of the ways Jerry channeled his anger was through martial arts; he became a black belt in multiple styles and received gold medals in the Junior Olympics and other world-respected tournaments.
Jerry received his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. Immediately after college, he started his career as a personal-fitness trainer at New York Health & Racquet Clubs, and soon became one of the company’s top trainers. Having established himself as a fitness professional in New York City, Jerry moved Los Angeles, where he became a top trainer at Equinox. After mastering the science of human engineering, Jerry parted ways with Equinox to launch his own private training business. His clients currently include high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, royal family members, fighters, and a variety of other tastemakers. While still based in Los Angeles, he travels nationally and internationally to train clients.
Jerry is also an investor in stocks, real estate, television and film properties, and anything else he believes to be worth the risk. This is his first book, and he wrote it to help others walk their own paths to success.
Visit him at Twitter at

About the Book:

Author and Celebrity Personal Trainer Jerry Ford has authored a powerful, painfully honest book entitled GUNS, DRUGS, OR WEALTH as a help and inspiration to others who also seek personal wealth and independence.
Said Jerry Ford: “ ‘Guns, Drugs, or Wealth’ is about how I went from the hard streets of Detroit to building wealth through stocks, real estate and smart spending. I share with my readers how I began to build my wealth as a personal trainer. As I wrote this book, I imagined myself having a front porch casual conversation with my readers. This how-to guide on building wealth will not only teach people how to build wealth, but it’s written in layman’s terms. The genres of this book are business, inspiration, and self-help.”
Mr. Ford’s book tells all that he has learned, offering readers specific, tried-and-true tools for building wealth by creating three streams of income: (1) passive income (through real-estate investing), (2) portfolio income (through stock market investing), and (3) earned income (through hard work and smart spending).
As a personal trainer, Jerry Ford has worked with many, many “big name” clients, including rapper Big Sean to musical artist MoBeatz. One special trip led to Ford becoming an author. “I was traveling with Big Sean and MoBeatz and decided to journal a few hours a day on the trip. A few hours turned into many…and two months later I had created the manuscript for my book.”
A tragedy earlier in his life also drove Jerry to pull himself up from a hard life in his native Detroit and build a life for himself as a personal wealth coach and trainer. “My brother Sam was murdered…I miss him every day. He inspires me to get out of bed and go as hard as possible in life every day…I feel like I am living for two people instead of just one, myself.”
“Being an author was never a plan,” asserted Jerry. “I knew I needed to figure out a way to help the eighty percent of America who are poor or middle class. I knew that I needed to help the three billion people on the planet who are really poor. Of course this book doesn’t make up for the world’s educational flaws, but it’s a start. Schools don’t teach people how to build wealth.”
Praise for Jerry Ford and His Method

"Jerry traveled across the globe to train me. He goes hard in fitness and in life!"  
--Alisha Boe, actress best known for 13 Reasons Why on Netflix

"I am inspired by Jerry's principles of building wealth through real estate and stock market investments as well as entrepreneurship. With multiple streams of income, the sky is the limit when it comes to potential earning power. This book is here to help!"  
--Adrienne C. Moore, actress best known for Orange Is the New Black on Netflix

"Jerry is a beast, and I can totally understand why. Coming from our city, it's life or death." 
--Dj Mo Beatz, best known as Big Sean's official DJ

"Jerry is not only a trainer; he's an entrepreneur. He has come up with incredibly creative ways to service his high-end clientele. Not only do I enjoy working with Jerry--he's great to hang out with." 
--Marc Webb, film and television producer



Q: Thank you so much for this interview, Jerry!  Can you tell us where you are from?

I am from Detroit, Michigan.

Q: How did you come up with your title?

Before my book was titled Guns, Drugs or Wealth, it was called MIQ (which stood for “Money IQ”). I was settled on this name until I did a simple exercise that quickly made me change my mind. I put MIQ next to all of my favorite books and asked myself which book I would read. So, there was Think and Grow Rich, MIQ, The New Jim Crow, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. From this exercise I realized that I would never think to pick up MIQ. I changed the name to Guns, Drugs, or Wealth.

Q: They say you can judge a book by its cover.  Can you tell us a little about your cover and who designed it? 

I think that a book’s cover plays a huge role in selling the book. It is the book’s only chance to make a great impression to the world. I believe that the cover of the book, along with the words on the cover, is what sells the book. Erin Tyler designed my cover. She was exactly what my book needed.

Q: Can you tell us something about your book that would make me run out and buy it?

I have read or listened to every business book or wealth-teaching book worth reading. After my own trial and error, I sum up how to create a billion-dollar fortune in layman’s terms. I cut to the chase. Guns, Drugs, or Wealth will motivate, inspire, and entertain you.

Q: Are there any messages in this book that you want the reader to know about?

The most important message to me is figuring out if you are a reader or a listener. We need to figure out our strengths and weaknesses because we can only take over the world at our strongest. If you cannot catch up to a Harvard graduate by being one way, figure out a way to catch up by being different. I want my readers to educate themselves on the different forms of income I explain in my book and then dive in. Jump. Go for it.

Q: What was your most favorite chapter to write and why?
My favorite chapter was “The Billionaire Track” where I talk about going to my mentor, Bill, and asking him how to get on his level. Asking him how to get myself on the right track in order to become a billionaire changed my life. He told me to write down all of my liabilities and my assets on a piece of paper. I did and I was surprised at the truth of the lack of assets I saw. After becoming liability-free by sacrificing fancy cars and other expenses that did not line up with my goal, Bill gave me a long list of books to listen to in order to build my mind which, in turn, help build my pockets. This is why I started a real estate investment company, focused more on my stock portfolio, and built up my training business more so than ever before. 
Q: Why did you feel you had to write this book?

Writing this book was so important to me because I grew up poor. Most of the time growing up my family did not have heat, water, electricity, or food. I responded poorly to the murders of my best friend, my brother, and my aunts. My response could have landed me in jail or a grave. I wrote this book because eighty percent of Americans are poor or middle class. I wrote this book because everyone deserves the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge to build wealth. With that, they deserve to know how to work on their own responses. To learn that their responses to life actions will define everything that they are and everything that they will become. The word “responsibility” literally means the ability to choose our responses. I needed to write this book because, like I stated before, I wanted people to know that if they cannot catch up to a Harvard graduate by being one way, figure out a way to catch up by being different.

Q:  Now, some fun questions - What deep dark secret would you like to share with us?

I have never read a book cover to cover, except for my own. I have to listen to audiobooks.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I really want to go to Peru to explore Machu Picchu. I have heard so many different stories of how difficult it is and have seen so many photos. I want to conquer it.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night person?

I am definitely a morning person. I wake up at 5am every day. I am up and ready to go.

Q: Are there any members in your family who also like to write?

My brother, Fatt Father, is a very talented rap artist who writes his own songs.

Q: As a child, were you a dreamer?

Yes, I was a dreamer as a child. I always knew there was something bigger than what was in front of me. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. I would look up into the stars, the moon, and tell myself that there had to be another life out there. A life with less pain and more wealth.

Q: Last but not least, the magic genie has granted you one wish.  What would that be?

I would wish to bring my brother Sam back to life. He was murdered on my mom’s birthday. This caused a lot of pain in many different ways.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview! Do you have any final words?

Losing my brother Sam on my mom’s birthday is by far the hardest thing that has ever happened to my family. It’s hard. People don’t understand. But here me when I say that now I live for two.

Book Teaser: Moments That Made America by Geoff Armstrong

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What are book video teasers? Glad you asked! Book Video Teasers are made free of charge by Pump Up Your Book when you purchase as Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus virtual book tour to promote your book. Click here to find out more but before you do that, catch our latest book teaser for the book, Moments That Made America by Geoff Armstrong!

Inside the Book

Author: Geoff Armstrong
Publisher: History Publishing Company
Pages: 254
Genre: American History


From its geological birth during the breakup of the Pangaea supercontinent millions of years ago, through the nation-shaping key events that led to its political independence from the British superpower, and other crucial, sometimes miraculous events that worked to create the nation, Moments That Made America: From the Ice Age to the Alamo explores those defining moments, both tragic and inspirational that profoundly shaped the nation and its people – crucial turning points that worked inexorably to mold and make America. These pivotal “tipping” events formed America’s geographical, sociological, political and historical landscape. Part 1 culminates with the discovery of gold in California and the role it played in fulfilling America’s dream of Manifest Destiny.

Moments That Made America is available at: 
You can also watch the book teaser at :

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A Conversation with David H. Reiss, Author of 'Fid's Crusade' @davidhreiss #interview

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“A swarm of medical automatons surrounded the gurney on which I was reclined, a humming and swirling dervish of blades, clamps, sponges and other surgical tools focused upon the stump of my shoulder. A surgical laser was carefully burning away flesh in a pattern that would increase the efficiency of repairs performed by the medical nanites once my right arm was reattached…” 

--From FID’S CRUSADE by David Reiss

While growing up, David Reiss was that weird kid with his nose in a book and his head in the clouds. He was the table-top role-playing game geek, the comic-book nerd, the story-teller and dreamer. 
Fortunately, he hasn't changed much.

David is a software engineer by trade and a long-time sci-fi and fantasy devotee by passion, and he lives in Silicon Valley with his partner of twenty-six years. Until recently, he also shared his life with a disturbingly spoiled cat named Freya.

(Farewell, little huntress. You were loved. You are missed.)

David's first book, Fid's Crusade, has just recently been published; this was his first novel-length project, but it certainly won't be his last—he's having far too much fun!

Book Description 

Consumed by grief, rage, and self-loathing, a brilliant inventor rebuilt himself to take on a new identity: the powered-armor-wearing supervillain, Doctor Fid. For twenty violent years, Fid has continued his quest to punish heroes who he considers to be unworthy of their accolades, and the
Doctor has left a long trail of blood and misery in his wake. After a personal tragedy, however, Doctor Fid investigates a crime and uncovers a conspiracy so terrible that even he is taken aback.

Haunted by painful memories and profound guilt, the veteran supervillain must risk everything to save the world that he once sought to terrorize. Every battle takes its toll…but the stakes are too high for retreat to be an option.

In the end, it may take a villain to save the entire Earth from those entrusted with the Earth’s protection.


Welcome, David!  Your new book, Fid’s Crusade, sounds out of this world, literally! Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to write your book?

Superheroes are everywhere these days and (as a long-time comic book geek) I’ve been thrilled to see some of my childhood's favorite characters being brought to the big screen. One thing that I've noticed, however, is that in many of these stories…the action really starts with the villain. A bad guy robs a bank or tries to take over the city, and the heroes step up and risk their lives to save the day. There are definitely powerful stories to be told within that framework, but (in general) the protagonists are reactive. So…I suppose that my inspiration was to approach a very well-known and popular genre from an oblique angle, and to really focus in on the place where the majority of conflict originates: behind the villain’s mask.

Can you tell us a little about the main characters?

The protagonist is a brilliant powered-armor-wielding supervillain who goes by the name of Doctor Fid, but the truth is that the story is less about his strength and more about his moral and emotional evolution. He’s a character driven by grief and rage, and he’s spent twenty years trying to punish the heroes who he feels to be unworthy of the public’s trust. He’s a man who has gloried in violence and destruction, and yet, he’s also a socially awkward, desperately lonely figure who’s sacrificed everything for a cause that stopped being relevant years earlier. He’s tragic and flawed and dangerous…and terribly human. There are plenty of opportunities for the kind of action that is expected from a story about superheroes and supervillains, but the novel also explores themes of growth and empathy, of confronting the demons of one’s past and of trying to find a new path forward.

The cast includes a number of other characters, some of whom have succumbed to allow themselves be defined by their failings and others who choose to struggle against them. There are pacifistic villains and others who are monstrous, and heroes with a similar range of traits. Also, a young artificially-sentient android girl who is intelligent enough to near-instantaneously digest every word that has ever been published online about the subject of swimming, but still doggy-paddles because she’s afraid to get water in her eyes.

Everyone is human underneath their costumes. Even the robots.

Where was your book set and why did you choose that particular region/location?

Doctor Fid travels a fair bit but he makes his home in Boston. When I started writing, I chose the region out convenience—the main character had been an academic prior to embarking on his villainous career and M.I.T. was an obvious choice for his alma mater, the city is close enough to Manhattan that he could visit NYC regularly but remote enough that there would be a different cast of local heroes and villains, and that the city is sufficiently cosmopolitan to act as a backdrop for a wide range of competing cultures and influences. 

Even though I’d visited Boston several times in the past—I had friends who attended college there, and my brother had lived there for a while—I needed to do a fair bit of research on the city (and surrounding regions) as the novel coalesced. I’ve come to love the city from a distance and hope to travel out there soon to explore some of the sites that I’ve experienced only in prose.

They say all books of fiction have at least one pivotal point where the reader just can’t put the book down. What is one of the pivotal points in your book?

There’s a sequence in which Doctor Fid travels across country to explore a deceased villain’s hidden lair. His original intent was to acquire lost technology, but that plan is derailed when he encounters a new character who will eventually have an immense impact upon his life. To me, that scene is one of the most pivotal moments in the protagonist’s journey; it has what I hope are touching moments but also provides hints at big changes and significant challenges that will need to be overcome.

Do you believe because you spent a lot of time reading when you were younger, that that was one influence that played a part in who you are today?

Being a voracious reader had a tremendous influence on my life, so much so that it’s difficult to imagine who I would be if not for the stories I immersed myself within. 

If I’ve found love and happiness and friendship and trust, it’s because I experienced these things first within the pages of books and knew what to look for when those opportunities arose in real life.

What was it like growing up? Can you tell us a little bit about your background/family?

This is a tough one to answer because my family was wonderful. I’ve been loved and supported for my entire life.

And yet…I was an angry, bitter, and horrifically depressed child. 

I was the strange kid who didn’t fit in, the weird one who never knew the right thing to say or how to say it, small enough to be every bully’s favorite target and lonely enough that I had no one to go to. I didn’t understand my peers, they didn’t understand me…and I was intelligent enough to be painfully aware of how isolated I’d become. 

Fiction was my escape and I spent every moment I could with my nose in a book. 

It took a long time and tens of thousands of pages, but I truly believe that it was within fantasy that I
found my way back to reality. Through reading about the thoughts and experiences of so many fictional characters, I learned how to understand and interact with the people who I’d never been able to connect with in person.

It can get better. I promise.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your readers and fans?

I want all of my readers and fans to know how incredibly grateful I am for their support. Publishing Fid’s Crusade and its sequels has been a remarkable journey and I’m looking forward to sharing new stories in the future as well.

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A Conversation with Carol Es, Author of 'Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley' @esart #memoir

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Too bad I’d just finished restoring my 1970, racing-green Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to its original, stock condition, because that car accident I wasn’t a little fender-bender. I was knocked unconscious, and the car was totaled. It looked like an accordion. You can’t drive an accordion. Since it wasn’t my fault, at least I got a decent settlement. But I don’t think I cared about having a big wad of money, or even mustering the wherewithal to set myself free of the shoe garden. Aric was gone and losing him made my heart ache like nothing I’d ever felt before. I was in pain every which way.”

Self-taught artist, writer and musician, Carol Es is known primarily for creating personal narratives within a wide spectrum of media. A native Los Angelina, she often uses past experience as fuel for her subject matter.  Writing on art, her articles have appeared in Huffington Post, Whitehot Magazine, and Coagula Art Journal; her prose published with small presses — Bottle of Smoke Press, Islands Fold, and Chance Press among them. Additionally, she makes handmade Artist’s books which have been acquired for such collections as the Getty and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.
Carol is a two-time recipient of the ARC Grant from the Durfee Foundation, the Pollock-Krasner, and a Wynn Newhouse Award for her art. She’s also earned grants from Asylum Arts and the National Arts and Disability Center/California Arts Council for writing. In 2019, she won the Bruce Geller Memorial Prize (WORD Grant) from the American Jewish University.
Book Description:

Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley is a guided tour through a Tilt-A-Whirl life that takes so many turns that you may find yourself looking up from the pages and wondering how the hell one person
managed to fit them all into 40-odd years. And many of them are odd years indeed. From a rootless, abusive childhood and mental illness through serious and successful careers in music and art, much of which were achieved while being involved in a notoriously destructive mind-control cult. Carol Es presents her story straight up. No padding, no parachute, no dancing around the hard stuff. Through the darkness, she somehow finds a glimmer of light by looking the big bad wolf straight in the eye, and it is liberating. When you dare to deal with truth, you are free. Free to find the humor that is just underneath everything and the joy that comes with taking the bumpy ride.

Illustrated with original sketches throughout, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley is not just another survivor's tale, it’s a creative perspective through moments of vulnerability where the most raw and intimate revelations are laid bare. As an artist and a woman finding self-worth, it’s truly a courageous, relatable story that will keep you engaged to the very end.


Welcome, Carol!  Your new memoir, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley, sounds captivating! Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to write this book?
Carol: Thank you for your interest and having me here. I’m pretty thrilled!

The idea was more like a calling. I felt a need to, pretty much my entire life. As I aged, it became a mountainous effort that morphed into many different perspectives on how to approach it. But I knew my life had many interesting stories for a book of some kind or another.

How hard and gut-wrenching was it to write a book like this?

Carol: By far the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Would you like to talk a little bit about your childhood?

Carol: Not really, but I will.

Basically, my parents didn’t have a stable relationship and broke up all the time. When that happened, we’d move again and again. I had to fend for myself, grow up fast, and figure things out on my own. My mother had bipolar at a time before her illness could be medically managed and she was psychologically abusive in many ways. I then followed my older brother into drugs and Scientology—kind of simultaneously. I got serious into the cult and my brother went off path further into drugs. Meanwhile, some of his friends sexually molested when no one was looking, yet under everyone’s noses. I wound up leaving home to get out of the situation. I wasn’t even 15.

In your book, you talk about being a member of a destructive mind-control cult, Scientology. Would you like to tell us a little about that?

Carol: Yeah so during that time when I was separating myself from one danger, Scientology gave me a kind of stability that I never had at home. I was a wild child and the cult was severely organized. L. Ron Hubbard’s doctrine is to be followed by the letter or it won’t work, or so he’s said. If it doesn’t work, you’ve done incorrectly or wrong, and at times even evil and deserve the terrible results you may be getting. Any cult or group like Scientology can insidiously reform a person into giving up their critical thinking skills and even take on perspectives that are similar to the leader/inventor, in my case, L. Ron Hubbard. I was devout to everything he wrote. For decades I was duped into believing he was right about pretty much everything.

In one of your interviews, you are quoted as saying, “A memoir is supposed to be self-indulgent. It just feels uncomfortable.” Since the writing is over and your book has been released, let’s take a trip back to that uncomfortable zone. What parts of your book do you feel the most uncomfortable talking about?

Carol: Memoir and memory are funny things. All of history and reality as we know it are based on the memories of our experiences. Events can be corroborated, and I made sure I did that in every case when writing my memoir—where it was possible—but in the case of me and another person who happened to be abusing me, I felt uncomfortable describing those events. Not because of the event itself; call it your typical trauma survivor symptom, but I felt responsible for what happened to me on some level. I was torn between stating the facts and expressing my personal experience. All the while, I was filled with guilt because I wanted to be as fair as possible to my abuser. It’s a warped perspective.

As for the self-indulgent thing, I do not know what goes on in the minds of other people. It’s my story, my memoir, and I can’t plunge into other people’s adventures or wild narratives. That’s a different genre.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your readers and fans?

Carol: I love you, no matter who you are. Seriously. Even if you think you’re my foe, and even if I haven’t met you yet.

Thank you for this interview and giving me a chance to speak.

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A Conversation with A.S. Fenichel, Author of 'A Lady's Virtue' @asfenichel #interview

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“A masculine, ungloved hand reached toward her. “I’m terribly sorry, miss. Entirely my fault. Are you hurt?” His accent was strange, American perhaps. Having no gloves on, she was hesitant to touch him, but there was no help for it. She couldn’t remain on her back like a turtle. The warmth of his skin traveled up her arm, and her cheeks heated. His fingers were strong and rough. This was no gentleman’s hand. She stood as he eased her to her feet. “Not at all,” she said. “I was distracted.””

--From A LADY’S VIRTUE by A.S. Fenichel

A.S. Fenichel gave up a successful career in New York City to follow her husband to Texas and pursue her lifelong dream of being a professional writer. She’s never looked back. A.S. adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story.
Multi-published in historical, paranormal, erotic and contemporary romance, A.S. is the author of The Forever Brides series, the Everton Domestic Society series, and more. With several books currently contracted, A.S. will be bringing you her brand of edgy romance for years to come. Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in the Southern Missouri with her real-life hero, her wonderful husband. When not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history, puttering in her garden and spoiling her fussy cat.
Website Link:
Twitter Link:
Facebook Link:

Book Description:

Can a broken engagement ignite the spark of true love?

Sylvia Dowder had almost made it to the altar when her fiancé unexpectedly became a viscount, and dropped her like a stale crumpet to make a more “suitable” match. Though Sylvia’s heart has been crushed, her spirit has not. She puts her wits and social savvy to use as a secret gossip columnist—
and as the Everton Domestic Society’s party planner to the ton. Luckily, she’s not in danger of ever falling for an aristocrat again…

Especially not one like Anthony Braighton, Earl of Grafton. Raised in America, Anthony sees no reason to marry when he can enjoy all the perks of being an eligible earl. Determined to convince his family he doesn’t need a wife, he hires Sylvia to act as hostess and decorator for upcoming parties. Yet Sylvia is as adept at captivating his interest as she is at beautifying his home. And despite this Everton lady’s aversion to titled men, some attractions can’t be denied—and love rarely does go where it’s told . . .


Welcome, A.S.!  Your new regency romance, A Lady’s Virtue, sounds thrilling! Can we begin by having you tell us more about the Everton Domestic Society?

A.S.: Thank you so much for having me. I think people will really love A Lady's Virtue, the story of how Sylvia and Anthony find happiness.

The Everton Domestic Society is an organization created by Lord Rupert and Lady Jane Everton. It is a place where ladies unable or unwilling to marry can live and work safely and within the strict rules of the ton. When a lady comes to live in Everton House her skills are assessed, and she is given an assignment. Some jobs last a week and other go on for months. Footmen, guards and chaperones are all provided by Everton's as needed for safety and propriety. Lady Jane runs the show, and she is not a lady to be gainsaid. There are rules that each Everton Lady must follow and each assignment is different from the last.

Can you tell us a little about the main characters?

A.S.: Sylvia Dowder (who you first meet in Tainted Bride) is a spirited woman who was happily engaged to the second son of a Viscount. When her intended's older brother dies, her fiancée is elevated and no longer feels she is a grand enough wife for him. He ends the engagement leaving her life shattered. Having endured an extremely long engagement, her family only has enough money left to put forth one of their twin daughters. Since Sylvia is such a disappointment, they choose Serena. Mother is obsessed with getting Serena married. Unable to take the derision of her parents, Sylvia leaves home and joins the Everton Domestic Society.

Anthony Braighton (you can find him in several earlier stories including the Forever Brides series) is an American who moved to England when his sister married an earl. After the sudden death of his cousin, he is unexpectedly raised to the title of Earl of Grafton. He never wanted a title, but he enjoys the attention. However, his mother thinks a proper earl should marry. To prove her wrong and give himself time to pursue his other goals, he hires an Everton Lady to act as his hostess.

They say all books of fiction have at least one pivotal point where the reader just can’t put the book down. What is one of the pivotal points in your book?

A.S.: From the moment Sylvia and Anthony collide (literally) it's difficult to look away from their story. Here are two people set against marriage, for different reasons, but they can't stay away from each other.

Then there's a moment when Sylvia and her chaperone (an Everton Dowager) visit Anthony's new home. He is like a giddy child awaiting their arrival. There's something so charming about his desire to see Sylvia, you won't be able to resist him.

Why do you think a book cover plays an important role in the selling process?

A.S.: You know that old saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover."? Well, everyone judges a book by it's cover.


A good cover is why people take the book off the shelf and read the back cover blurb when they've never read that author before. I've been very lucky. The covers for all my Everton Domestic Society books have been stunning while also giving the feel of the story within.
What did you want to become when you were a kid?

A.S.: An actress. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be on the stage. I was a painfully shy child and becoming someone else for a while was extremely freeing. I studied at Theater Arts High School one day a week during my senior year and went on to college as a theater major. That was where I discovered the life of a starving actor was not for me.
Do your novels carry a message?

A.S.: I write historical romance about empowered women. It's not always easy to create a believable scenario where tough smart women can thrive in Regency London. I want to empower women in any time, and show there are men who prefer intelligence over passivity.
Is there anything you’d like to tell your readers and fans

A.S.: I truly hope you will love A Lady's Virtue. Sylvia and Anthony are very dear to my heart. They called out for years to have their story told, and I'm proud to share them with all of you. Enjoy and thank you.

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A Conversation with John Joseph Doody, Author of The Guild Saga Series @johnjosephdoody #trilogy #interview

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He knew there was no sense in trying to get away, or in trying to fight with this droid. She was too fast, too strong. He had no weapon to use against her, and worst of all, he was in his underwear.”

--From The Guild Saga by John Joseph Doody

John Joseph Doody earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Coral Ridge University and Seminary, as well as an M.A. in Political Science from George Wythe College. His first publication was a short story, TELEPIO 690, which appeared in Sidetrekked Magazine, Issue #48. His other publications are, his first novel (actually a novella), THE WONK DECELERATOR, his second novel, THE LATE, GREAT BENJAMIN BALE, his third novel, RETURN OF THE CRIMSON WITCH and a fourth mini-book, a prequel to the Guild Series, THE DAUGHTER OF GETH, which is available only in ebook. He is currently working on a science fiction/horror novel, THE DARK.


Welcome, John!  Your, the Guild Saga science fiction/fantasy series sounds thrilling! Can you tell us how you came up with the idea? Take us back to that aha! Moment?
John: An idea popped in my head of a guy going down to a shadowy world to steal something. The planet itself was from an idea I had from years before.

Can you tell us a little about the main characters?

John: Thad is reckless and selfish but has other virtuous qualities like loyalty. Maggie is rough on the outside and soft on the inside. She needs the day to day structure of military life, and deep down she has old pain that haunts her.

Who is your most favorite character in the book?

John: Of the three books, I would say Sudwig Lucher, a very large, blue-skinned Meganite with a gentle spirit.

Can you tell us a little about where/when this book takes place?

John: The series takes place in Guild Space, several hundred years in the future. There is Guild Space and there is Confederation Space. All are descendants of Expansion and are so far away in the galaxy it would take a hundred years to get back to Earth. They’ve also lost all contact with Earth and don’t know why.

They say all books of fiction have at least one pivotal point where the reader just can’t put the book down. What is one of the pivotal points in your book?

John: In the first book when Thad decides to go on with his mission though it seems failure is inevitable.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your readers and fans?

John: I’m currently editing my latest novel, The Dark. It’s sci/fi horror. Give the Guild Saga a read, beginning with the Wonk Decelerator then keep your eyes peeled for The Dark!

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