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# 5 Things You Should Know

5 Things You Should Know About Lord Shallow by Eileen Putman @eileen_put #5Things

Eileen Putman is the author of a dozen British historical and Regency romances. Her love of England’s Regency period (1811-1820) has inspired her research trips to England, Ireland, Wales, France and other countries — there being no substitute for stepping on the soil that Beau Brummell and his champagne-polished Hessians once trod.


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5 Things You Should Know About Lord Shallow

1.      One early plot element may be a dealbreaker for many romance writers. I’ll keep it secret here, but it’s key to Sebastian’s character. This hero is complicated—but honorable—which makes a romance between him and my heroine, Gwynna, seemingly impossible. (Not to worry!)

2.      The Welsh island of Anglesey is the backdrop for much of this book. It’s an enchanting place. I stood at the edge of a cliff jutting out into the sea, mesmerized by the fluffy white clouds reflecting off sun-dappled waves as far as I could see. The photo I took that day is the background of the Lord Shallow cover.

3.      Sebastian and Gwynna spend a rainy night on the island in a Neolithic tomb. It’s a real place, similar to Newgrange in Ireland, only not overrun by tourists. I was surprised to find that getting to this historical treasure was a simple matter of walking up a country road, through a grove of trees and onto farmland, where the ancient barrow takes shape like a sleeping giant awakening.

4.      I got a little carried away with this book. The themes grew bigger and the chapters longer. Perhaps it was because much about the people who built those tombs and mysterious stone circles remains lost to prehistory. That, and the fascinating Welsh legends and tales, made it hard to stop writing. But I forced myself to cut 12,000 words from my original draft—thank goodness.

5.      There’s an older couple romance! I’ve been playing with this theme in a few of my books, but in Lord Shallow their romance is integral. Angus, 55, is the stoic Scot who raised Sebastian after his parents died. Hannah, eight years younger, possesses a steely disposition born of a challenging life. Angus must turn his long-futile hopes into action, and Hannah must find a way to let him in past that hard shell.


Title: LORD SHALLOW (Maitland’s Rogues Book 2)
Author: Eileen Putman
Publisher: Anglesey Press
Pages: 364
Genre: Regency Historical Romance


To all of London, Sebastian Traherne is a pretentious fop who prizes his tailor over his dukedom. In truth, he’s an obsessively rational fellow protecting a secret marriage. When a prickly Welsh miss arrives at his crumbling castle one gloomy night, she upends his world—and every principle he holds dear. Worse, she believes in a silly fairy tale known as True Love.

Gwynna Owen might be the last true Princess of Wales, but she needs this very English duke to claim her legacy and vanquish a tyrant. When Sebastian quickly sees through her boy’s disguise, she must plead her case with only a rusty dagger—and sapphire eyes that conjure what he most wishes to avoid.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: One early surprise may be a deal breaker for some romance fans. If you’re looking for classic Regency historical that fits a formula, Lord Shallow may not be your cup of tea. Yet character will out. Here you’ll find a man who is so much more than he seems and a woman who’s finding her voice after years of having it suppressed. Their struggle as they make their way to one another is this story’s truth.

About Maitland’s Rogues: Andrew Maitland’s group of daring English rogues risk all for their country. Hardened and deadly, they have no use for love—until it ensnares them…




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